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Diego Stavitzki | Film Awards 
Film Director / Line Producer



Diego Stavitzki acts as film director, video editor and Production Director for own productions, production services for contract films, co-productions and international productions. As a Film Director and Producer he works throughout Latin America and Europe, as a Video Editor he works globally, serving several companies and agencies around the world, such as: Discovery Channel, History Channel, BAND, Canal Futura, Tvi Portugal, Ruptly TV from Germany , Rede Globo de Televisão, BBC Brasil, UFC, National Geography and FIFA.

He has already signed more than 5,000 films, including documentaries, TV programs and series, short films, features, music videos and cultural products. The connections created with the work teams resulted in an invitation to present Audiovisucast, one of the first podcasts in Brazil about the film production scene.

In cinema, Diego Stavitzki is accredited by Fox Studios and has already developed cinematographic projects with world-renowned production companies such as Italy's Fargo, Laz Audiovisual and Trópico, the most recent work being the feature film Águas Selvagens, co-production with Argentina. In the teaching area, he has taught several courses, workshops and lectures at several Universities and Film Schools throughout Latin America.

According to Diego, the plan for 2024 is focused on Europe: "I want to bring a bit of Brazilian creativity and flavor to productions in Europe, especially in the processes of editing and finishing films for TV, cinema and online projects." As a purpose, his vision is the creative production of films that really matter, that are relevant, that bring concrete benefits to society.

English, Portuguese and Spanish Speaker | B Driver License | Dual Citizenship - Brazil and Italy
Adobe Creative Cloud heavy user

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