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Building Design And Construction Vicente Tagayun [Latest-2022]




The book is written in two parts. Part one consists of technical chapters covering a wide range of topics related to the design, construction and analysis of building. This is followed by chapters designed for practitioners and researchers who wish to further refine and extend their knowledge of building construction. The second part covers issues that are more the domain of the architect such as the role of building services in building development and design. The book is illustrated with some 50 line drawings and 3D models. The book is written in plain language, mostly in single-line paragraphs, but occasionally for emphasis. It is intended for use by engineering, architectural and construction professionals. The topics covered are broadly classified into four major areas: Building Construction and Services, Building Fabric (Foam and Glue Bricks), Building Envelopes and Building Analysis. However, each chapter introduces many topics and contains many sub-topics that are not covered in this book. The chapters are organized into three sections. Part 1 consists of chapters that are directly applicable to the construction of any building or structure. This includes chapters on the various construction methods, different types of construction materials, building systems, analysis of building constructions, and use of building construction drawings. Part 2 consists of chapters that are directly relevant to the architect. These include chapters on building design, building services, and building control. Part 3 contains chapters on building analysis and construction cost estimating, site preparation and cost factors, life-cycle costing, and basic construction cost estimating. The book begins with an introduction to the construction of building by providing a basis for understanding different types of construction. It then looks at different types of construction materials and techniques and the problems encountered in the construction of different building types. It next covers the general building analysis process. It then turns to the individual types of construction analysis and the different kinds of analysis that are carried out. It then looks at the main types of construction cost estimating and gives an overview of various building cost analysis techniques. The book then moves to the costing of building construction and the relationship between the costs of materials and services and building construction costs. It covers the various types of building cost estimation techniques that are used to determine the cost of construction. It then covers life-cycle costing and estimating. It ends with an overview of cost factors. The book ends with a chapter on the construction process. This book contains a very good number of photographs illustrating the various steps of construction, a large number of line



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Building Design And Construction Vicente Tagayun [Latest-2022]

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